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faro_044Beagle combined navigation

This tour includes boat trip in Ushuaia and the Faro Islands and a visit to the Estancia Harberton.
This tour also includes a walk through the Lobos Island, Bird Island, Les Eclaireurs lighthouse, (so-called Faro del Fin del Mundo), watching penguins, tree flag, peat bogs, walk to the Paso Garibaldi, watching Lake hidden.
The itinerary of the trip is the same as the Excursion Beagle Channel bound for the penguin, but added the land back to the city of Ushuaia along Route “J” where landscapes composed by rivers, lakes, mountains are seen, valleys, bogs, castoreñas, and a variety of flora and fauna. He then joins the National Route 3, and a stop is made in Step Garibaldi where there is a viewpoint from which you can see Lake Escondido. The route continues along the route No. 3 to arrive at the city of Ushuaia.
Duration of tour: approximately 10am

Navigation with wolves

Tour Bird Island and Lobos, The Lighthouse at the End of the World and walk Karelo Island.
This walk takes place within maritime excursions in Ushuaia. Navigation through the Beagle Channel, is one of the 3 captive Ushuaia rides.
We leave from the port of Ushuaia and the walk begins with a tour of Ushuaia Bay to Beagle Channel.
With the catamaran skirted the “Bird Island” where is possible to see the flora and fauna, highlighting particularly Skúas, Black-browed Albatross, Steamer Ducks, Cauquenes, Grey Gulls Cooks and Gulls.
Then we visit the “Isla de los Lobos” where the star attraction is the seals of one and two hairs. Both Bird Island and the island of Lobos are part of the archipelago Bridges.
In the Faro Les Eclaireurs (the so-called Faro del Fin del Mundo) will stop that everyone is waiting for: The famous photograph with lighthouse behind, that unforgettable picture we all want out of memory. There also may appreciate Imperial Cormorants and Roqueros as well understand about the wreck of the SS Monte Cervantes in the 30s.
Finally in the Karelo Island we performed a landing for a small hike (optional) that reveal archaeological remains: concheros Yámanas. And also it allows us to spot flora and birdlife in the area. This walk takes about 15 minutes and did not have any difficulty, it is done with people of all ages (in winter is subject to the amount of snow and ice, to allow or not walk the island).
On the way back to Ushuaia we revel in magnificent scenery of the mountain ranges of Martial.
This boat trip conducted by the Beagle Channel Catamarans Canoero, the most modern fleet of catamarans in Ushuaia, 2014 and 2015 models.
We have heating system, bathrooms and bar. Preferential or VIP room at the top has an extra cost. Please consult.

Rookery on Martillo Island

Just off the Estancia Harberton is located Martillo Island where you can see penguins between the months of October and April. There you can see more than 1,000 nests of the species Magallanes and about 9 nests of Papua, the ones in South America.
Three colonies of Magellanic penguins in Patagonia, one of which is located in this territory, being the only one in Tierra del Fuego. The walk covers about 800 m2 and runs through limited so as not to invade the wild trails.
The Harberton Estancia is located 90 kilometers from the city of Ushuaia, right on the shores of the Beagle Channel, and was founded in the second half of the nineteenth century by the British missionary Thomas Bridge. It has the closest port to the Hammer Island and that is why visitors leave from there to the rookery.

Estancia Harberton

Location: Located in the Harberton Bay, which is easily accessible through the Beagle Channel and by land through Route 33. Named after the site in Devon, England, where he came from Mary Ann Varder, wife of Thomas Bridges.
Walk: the visit consists of a walk through the town that occupies 5 hectares of the 200 that owns the site. The main house is a beautiful mansion of 28 meters wide and 9 meters wide, and are located around other complementary structures such as where the shearing shed, carpentry, stables, houses for workers and the famous Museum is made Bone Acatushún. The hull was imported in parts from England in the nineteenth century, and reinforced in Argentina. It is notable for being one of the oldest buildings in Tierra del Fuego. Right next to the town it is located a nature reserve that occupies approximately 5 hectares is cared for by a family. The Gable and Hammer islands are also part of this beautiful natural complex and there is located the colony of Magellanic penguins.
Activity: The main activity of the farm is the breeding of sheep, which can be seen during the outings organized by travel agencies or particular way. The visit is to tour the main house, the cemetery and the nature reserve has a path of botanical interpretation. Then you can take a boat to the island to visit the colony of this wonderful species of birds. The best way to end the tour is going through the cafeteria where you can taste some of the delicacies on offer there and also buy some of the souvenirs offered in the boutique.

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