Amazing adventures tours in Tierra del Fuego


Tierra del Fuego, far the most amazing adventures

You can visit places immersed in a dream landscape, travel spots in forests, beaches, lakes, coasts, valleys, mountains and steppes, forming a unique combination in the country that offers the opportunity to look at them through different alternatives.
The particular Doomsday scenario is ideal for conventional and alternative activities, experiencing even the smallest detail.

4×4 through the winding roads of the mountains

Visiting every corner on a 4×4 tour in Ushuaia is an exciting way to experience nature: These transports take you through paths of loggers or abandoned ancient routes to these places that are hard to believe exist.

Diving under the most extreme water

The parallel world of flora and fauna under the surface dazzles beginners and advanced diving. Exciting subantarctic waters make this tour unforgettable.

Riding in places otherworldly

During the ride time it passes in a peaceful and differently, the colors, contrasts and shapes the way they change the pace of the horses reflecting the spectacular native place and its nature.

Knowing magnificent historical sites

You can understand the deepest legendary tales and keep history intact fueguina, witnessing a fascinating journey through the history of the End of the World. All About native populations until its demise with the white man, boaters and the Antarctic Ocean, prisoners and urban appearance are present in the various museums.

Let yourself be conquered by the native flora and fauna

Environments differentiated by their flora and fauna species rather star in the development of this tourist activity based on contemplation and interpretation of different natural habitats. Green in all shades and textures features spread throughout the Fuegian territory.

Climbing the southernmost mountains

The options to discover the wilderness of the mountains captivate beginners and experts, to climb its slopes feel the pulse every centimeter of land has for him.

Golf experience to the limit

Surrounded by virgin melt unusual landscapes lawn, is the southernmost golf course in the world. This activity becomes a perfect combination of sport, fun and admiration; you’ll always accompanied by the imposing southern horizon.

Explore the island through a National Park Sea, forest and mountain

Near the urban area makes its way to a nature reserve of 63,000 hectares, only national park in the country that has a composition of sea (Beagle Channel), forests and mountains. The postcards show valleys, lakes, bogs, ravines, mountains and a variety of seabirds and fauna.

On the water doing canoeing and kayaking

Fast and slow, difficult recesses, high winds, extensive waterways, these are ideal for those who like to feel the adrenaline to get carried away by the strong current or combat conditions.

Interact with the environment fueguino performing mountain bike

The path used is not conventional, walks through the city in a different way, without forgetting classics and postal incredible points. It can be complemented with excursions through the Fueguino forest.

Browse the intrepid Canal Beagle

Modern ships sailing along the Beagle Channel provide insight into the varied geography and wildlife crossing fueguina surrounding islands and bays, where you can also see a unique combination of mountains, forest and sea.

Sport fishing in the framework of unspoiled nature

More than ten rivers, four lakes and ponds are five stage of sport fishing in the province. Delve into these waters and it is an exciting quest to reach the famous trout specimens up to 14 kg. Some of the species that can be found are: brook trout, brown trout, rainbow trout and landlocked salmon.

Take a trip to the immensity

Unlimited glaciers and fjords carved by the haughty southerly winds and extreme weather, along with the calm clear waters, icebergs and large mountain peaks will form in your mind a memory of sensations created from the moment you embark into the unknown.
Walking trails inhospitable
The best way to learn more about the island’s walk it, observe it and live alone or with others. Walking trails, exploring forests, continuing the direction of a river, observe flora and fauna, and access to unique vantage points.

Fly the most remote landscapes

From the top you can see rivers, lakes, forests, mountains, islands and the Beagle Channel, as a living map unfolding before your eyes. There are 2 ways to do it: by plane or helicopter, which will show visitors different perspectives fueguinos landscapes.

Fueguino conducting cross the forest canopy

ideal for developing and feel the adrenaline flying over the treetops, through a steel cable activity. The visitor who practices is inserted into our forest and blends with the environment.

Living tourism stay

The fueguinas stays are linked to the history and essence of our culture, are surrounded by tradition from which one can join and store, inside, the legacy of the first ranchers.

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