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The trip in Argentina Patagonia was beautiful.

Now back to the gray routine, I tell you that The inns, the dazzling landscapes … Anyway …. Too bad the good things last short … The spectacular Beagle Channel boat trip in Ushuaia … we had a guide who knew a lot. In Todo Glaciares boat trip in Calafate in the Lake Argentino we embark on the Patagonia Infinity ship. We forgot to bring mate equipment and when the captain found out he ordered the kitchen to give us the necessary items …. A pleasure!
But talking about the most important thing I wish to know that the reason for this email is extremely simple: to be infinitely grateful for the fantastic trip in Patagonia Argentina you prepared for us, there was not the slightest setback, all the planes on time, excellent transfers from and to airports, wonderful excursions, beautiful lodges. If someone from Rome doubts your agency for future trips, I give my permission for you to send it to me and I can explain my experiences with you and not be “afraid” of booking a trip on Internet.

Carlo Perillo Rome Italy 20/08/2020

Whales’s Watching in Puerto Madryn Patagonia

Everything carried out on time and according to plan

The qualification of our trip in Patagonia Argentina is “excellent” in all areas, such as the comfort of accommodation that they offered us at Hotel Cap Polonio where they welcomed us with delicious chocolates. The excursions to the Perito Moreno Glacier, the boat trips in Beagle Channel and Tierra del Fuego National Park with the trekking and canoe rides were carried out on time and according to plan. The places we have known are dreamed of and will remain in our memory forever; especially the glaciers and the navigation on the Beagle. All very well, fantastic, wanting to take another trip, for which we will turn to your advice.

My wife is also very grateful with your travel agency she really had a good time and she think that the services of your local representative agency in El Calafate corresponded very well to the forecasts: friendliness and quality. I will recommend your agency to all my relatives, friends and coworkers in my company. I work in a real state ageny in san Diego Calfornia and we have a large staff. I have already showed them my pictures and they can not wait to visit the beautiful Patagonia Argentina.

Raul Vitale San Diego California 18/08/2020

Perito Moreno Glacier trails in National Park

Great time on our trip to Puerto Madryn !!

The services of your agency in Patagonia Argentina corresponded very well. We had a great time on our trip to Puerto Madryn !! Thank you very much for your help and for planning everything. We saw tons of penguins, two killer whales and more so it was perfect !! Regarding the attention received in your local travel agency, excellent! The accommodations were very good. The excursions, excellent. Soon I have friends who are going to visit Buenos Aires and want to travel to the south as well. I will recommend the agency to them as we had such a good time! In Regard to the trip in Buenos Aires everything was perfect, from the organization of the transfers, the guide, hotel, excursions, all very well. Your organization is recommended for anyone who wants to visit your country and its wonders. I have pending in the future the visit to the north of Argentina, without a doubt, I will count on your services for the organization of it. Thank you very much for everything and special thanks for the wonderful plan you sold us; All in all, everything was great, e The El Calafate hotel, El Quijote, simply spectacular; The tours, the guides and everything else we loved. The trip in Mendoza was a success, everything was wonderful, transfers, accommodation and excursions, the guides were very friendly, always attentive and willing to cooperate in everything. They met our expectations of the trip. And now at home with everything in order even more we enjoy the whole experience … As soon as I have a free time I will be sending you some of the photos (which are literally thousands). Thank you again for all of your help planning this trip.

Pamela Diaz Ucrania 06/08/2020

Punta Tombo Pinguins Natural Reserve
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