What to visit in Patagonia Argentina for the summer of 2022

Our expert travel agents from Argentina have prepared for you a list of some very interesting places to visit in Patagonia Argentina this coming summer in the southern hemisphere.


In the middle of a privileged mountain valley of the beautiful Patagonia Argentina, the city of Esquel rests on the banks of the Esquel stream surrounded by imposing mountains and hills such as La Cruz and Nahuel Pan. Simple houses, modern hotels, restaurants and nightclubs burst among the lush vegetation of the valley without ever altering the serene and wild climate of a panorama dominated by crystalline rivers, incredible deep-water lakes, ancient trees and the hypnotic mountain ranges that surround it.

perito moreno glacier
Awesome Perito Moreno Glacier

In summer and spring, the landscape is a vital explosion of intense colors. In autumn, gold and ocher decorate the surroundings. When winter arrives, its attractiveness turns to white and the town and its surroundings, covered in a tunic of snow, become an unforgettable pasture.

With its almost one hundred years, the city is currently a recognized center of tourist, commercial and livestock activities in the region.

Los Alerces National Park located just 50 km from Esquel, in the Andean region of Chubut, with an area of ​​263,000 hectares that makes it one of the largest in the country, was created in 1937 and is the only reserve of ancient larch trees. that is still in the world. The larch is the second longest living species on the planet (after the long-lived pine) and in the particular natural beauty of the environment. Walking its trails is making contact with unspoiled landscapes, where forests alternate with lakes, rivers, amazing waterfalls and rapids in a setting of imposing mountains and high-altitude glaciers, such as those of the Cordillera de las Pirámides and Cerro Torrecillas.

Ushuaia in Summer 2022


Visiting Ushuaia in summer is a very pleasant experience since you can enjoy the city, its pure air and unique landscapes with a temperature that is around 10 or 12 degrees Celsius. The southern summer months are from December 21 to March 21, although the heat usually begins a couple of months before.

Ushuaia is bathed by the waters of the Beagle Channel, which joins the Atlantic with the Pacific.

Mountains, valleys, lush forests that reach the waters of the Beagle Channel, the entire southern sector of the Island of Tierra del Fuego has a scenic content and its own atmosphere that impacts and moves visitors.

Ushuaia is also a strategic place that links the spectacular continental glaciers and the attractive Peninsula Valdés by air.

And by sea you can reach Antarctica, Fuegian channels and fjords, Cape Horn, Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales.

Ushuaia is a unique place in the world, which combines impressive scenes of the sea, forests and mountains, in a suggestive atmosphere of fantasies, myths and legends.

Lake Puelo

Hills covered by a green and profuse vegetation and the snow-capped peaks outlined against the sky seem to guard the water mirror of Lago Puelo. Located in the northwest of the province of Chubut and in the Lago Puelo National Park and Reserve (one of the smallest but richest in flora of the Patagonian mountain range) receives visitors every summer who are distributed in the complexes of lodges and cabins that populate its banks to enjoy fishing and water sports. This formidable natural context and a microclimate that in the summer reaches temperatures above 30 ° C make the beaches of Lake Puelo and the town that bears the same name the quintessential spa in the region.

On the banks of the lake and in the shelter of the Currumahuida hill, the town of Lago Puelo is also worth a visit. It is a typical mountain stronghold that in the last seven years has increased its tourist offer five times.

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