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Puerto Madryn

The city of Puerto Madryn is located on the shores of the azure waters of Golfo Nuevo, on the coast of the province of Chubut, located on the cliffs of a small plateau that features an impressive perspective of the Atlantic Ocean.
The whale season in Puerto Madryn is one of the tourist attractions that became known in the world to the beautiful city of Puerto Madryn. From June to December arrive on its shores distinct populations of whale southern right species that can be seen both in the board avistajes departing from Puerto Pirámides and from some natural viewpoints and almost all the beaches bordering the city.
Thanks to the large number of divers from around the world who chooses, Puerto Madryn has projected in recent years many artificial reefs, chosen for baptisms traditional submarines. It not for nothing in the rest of the country is known to this city as the National Diving Capital.
Founded in 1865 with the arrival of 150 Welsh immigrants, the name of Puerto Madryn reminds Sir Love Jones Parry, Baron of Madryn, one of the most famous city in the Welsh country men.
Today, with thousands of tourists who visit every year, Puerto Madryn is still the center of tourist services in the Patagonian coast and the gateway to the vast Valdes Peninsula, declared a Natural World Heritage Site in 1999.
All spas have the necessary Madryn to practice numerous water sports, including windsurfing infrastructure stand and, of course, diving.
For its particular geographical location, rainfall is low throughout the year and the annual average temperature is around 14 ° C, with highs of 35 ° C in summer and minimum down to 5 ° C in winter.
To get to Puerto Madryn from Buenos Aires, you must travel 1,400 kilometers along National Route 3. Various airlines offer daily flights services to the city or to Trelew, which is 67 kilometers distance that can be covered by transfers.

Besides visiting its beaches, whale watching, penguins, elephants and sea lions, we are dedicated to eat.

Here, the guidelines of what we liked in Puerto Madryn Gourmet.

Cantina El Nautico

Classic of classics, this restaurant is head of the favorites of the seaside resort. Ariel Bordenave and his family open the doors of one of the most renowned dining options Puerto Madryn.

The unbeatable quality of its products, expertise of cooks and consistency of a kitchen essentially sea, justify the acquired success.
Run by a troupe of young men who remain vigilant specialized at the request of the guest, waiting for the desired dish is not very long. It has a varied wine list to suit all tastes and budgets.

Its walls full time, reflect the passage of famous artists and athletes who ate at the scene. Among the most prominent personalities are pictures of Juan Manuel Fangio, Mirtha Legrand, Mauricio Macri, Ricardo Bochini and Daniel Scioli.
The building has two floors, with enough space to accommodate more than 40 tables space, so there is almost always room.

“Madryn al Plato”

Those who want to taste the best seafood in Patagonia can not stop schedule that repeats this proposal in late June and early July.
For years, what it began as an initiative to show the culinary virtues of Puerto Madryn and its surroundings became an event that adds up restaurants and public come from all over the country.

During the months of June and July “Madryn to plate” develops and simply enter any of the restaurants that adhere to the proposal to taste the best of the marina and Patagonian cuisine.

In a circuit that links 30 restaurants serving their specialties at affordable prices, tourists have the chance to try signature dishes made with seafood, as well as the best of the Argentina meat, between the lamb stands

Pasta with seafood and fish, crabs and octopus in their respective sauces, prawns and shrimp accompanied all kinds of dishes, mayonnaises fish and Andean fungi, or traditional paellas and seafood casseroles are part of the list of unforgettable dishes.
Within the meat, both beef roast as Patagonian lamb are also offered in stews or prepared to stake one of the most common ways to eat the lamb in this region has since led to various meetings and parties of local roasters .

The desserts are not far behind: show the best of the mountain range and the parallel famous 42 attributes of the province of Chubut.

Welsh cakes, along with desserts made with fruits of the region, palms take. Needless to say that chocolate, which abounds in all towns near the mountain range, is one of the products most requested by tourists. Both coverage and sauces, combined with any dessert, especially the pancakes.

The Ministry of Tourism, as the own province of Chubut in its various delegations (Rawson, Esquel and Buenos Aires), is responsible for informing, months before the event and brochures, the restaurant circuit (name, location and dish) that will be part of “Madryn al Plato”.

Thus, the oceanic city of Puerto Madryn managed to combine this event with the start of the season for whale watching and the rest of the options that can be enjoyed at Peninsula Valdes, where several restaurants in Puerto Piramides also joined and will form part the coming years of this festival is here to stay.

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