Top tours in the Patagonian plateau

In the Patagonian soil found the oldest and most impressive remains of dinosaurs. The agricultural economy, and gas-oil density is strong, but it’s worth touring between their rooms, farms and, of course, fossil beds.
Neuquen El ChocónThis is the plateau, the geography that, unlike the mountain and the sea, is not present in any other region of the country and marks the boundary between what is and what is Patagonia humid Pampa.
The Plateau is large tract of land that lies between the mountains and the coast of the Patagonian provinces. In this way, the towns of the south line of Black River as Mr. Jacobacci, Maquinchao and Los Menucos, all near Somuncurá Plateau.
In Chubut Sarmiento city stands in the center south of the province, whose main attraction is the Petrified Forest José Ormachea. In Santa Cruz we mention Truncated on the Northeast Peak, a town typically oil.
In Neuquén must clarify that the plateau is located between the mountains and the valley, as the province has no coastline. So we mention places like Undermine, Cutral Co, Plaza Huincul, Arrochar, The Chocón and El Sauce, among others.

Villa El Chocón Dinosaur Valley and more …

El Chocon dinosaurioIn Chocón Mapuche language means “man shivering with cold or soaking in water”. One name that comes either as a 2 kilometers away is one of the largest hydroelectric dams in the country.
The villa neuquina born of that monstrous piece of engineering that is providing power to the middle Argentina, but for years it was only a transit en route to Bariloche or other points of the range. Discoveries very particular in the area would becoming known for another reason and making a simple settlement for dam workers at a resort, and referral to national paleontology. Is that in the Chocón found the most amazing dinosaur remains.
At the same time, visitors have been discovering areas of immense beauty and rarity of the artificial lake of the dam, so there are many who plan a few days at the side of it for camping, fishing or hiking.

Location and history

The Villa The Chocón is located on the north bank of the artificial lake Exequiel Ramos Mexia. It is surrounded by high fences of a red with intense purple desert plateaus, form the typical Patagonian landscape.
Distant 83 kilometers from the capital city of Neuquén, the villa is accessed by National Road No. 22 and then spliced ​​with No. 237. The latter connects the upper valley of Black River and Neuquén Andean region and the Republic of Chile.
The climate is arid steppe, dry and windy, with warm summers with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius while in winter the average is etre 4 and 6 ° C.
In 1967 the company Hidronor SA National complex began work Chocón-Cerros Colorados for the purpose of controlling river flooding, lessen the effects of prolonged downspouts, increase the area under irrigation and produce electricity. Along with the works, made a permanent urbanization harmonious contemporary buildings: Villa the Chocón, which eventually was formed as a township on October 31, 1975.


Its location and features make The Chocón is increasingly the venue for mini-tourism, to have activities to do all year.
Undoubtedly, dinosaurs are a major attraction. In the town is the Municipal Museum Villa Ernesto Bachmann showcasing the exemplary largest carnivorous dinosaur in the world: Carolinii Giganotosaurus.
You can also visit the Valley of the Dinosaurs and finds places traces and remains paelontológicos as well as knowing the Petrified Forest. This tour can be combined with a visit to the large hydroelectric dam.
On the lake of the dam, the Ramos Mexia, you can do all kinds of activities ranging from fishing and boating to water skiing, not to mention trekking and camping for its beautiful cliffs around

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