Santiago de Chile Tour

Santiago de ChileJust landed in Chile in order to take a luxury tour in Santiago, capital of Chile, to realize that the main city of this nation is a jumble of ways. Nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains and crossed by the Mapocho river, this former Spanish colonizers discovered by Pedro de Valdivia in 1541 valley has become an important and modern business center at the continental level, with a full range of hotels and upscale restaurants, technology and access to multiple services: the ideal starting point for trips to the rest of the Country.
Santiago is full of surprises to discover. There is a lot more than you think and in their streets and neighborhoods coexist identity globalized 21st century with the most deeply rooted local traditions. You’ll find everything from small cafes with WiFi, designer shops, good bookstores and local fine craftsmanship, to large shopping malls or stores long blocks with luxury brands. It is one thing to ask of the more than six million people living in this city for a range of different options and choose according to your preferences.
In Santiago always something to do, depending on the time of year: summer opens the door to the sea with Valparaiso and Vina del Mar (a little over 1 hour drive) the best playing cards that will surprise you in every play. During the winter, the jewel are the ski areas, distant less than 40 km. In spring, the patriotic festivities-the “18” – are a delight for visitors and autumn is ideal to live the celebrations of the harvest in the central valleys, with a glass of wine in hand.

The vineyards have been in the middle of the city and offering tastings of the best wines. Or internarte towards the Andes Mountains to the town of Pirque or drawer Maipo River to meet with nature, try typical food, buy some souvenirs or stay at the riverside.

Vineyards in the city

Although the beautiful side valleys of the central zone which are home to most of the vineyards in the country, some of them have decided to remain in the heart of downtown Santiago. The city with its advance has been the fencing, but they still kept producing good wines. This is the case of the vineyards Cousino Macul, Santa Carolina, Concha y Toro and Santa Rita Tarapaca.
Cousino Macul vineyard is located in the middle of Peñalolén. During your visit you will learn the most important spaces of the production process, the cellars where wine and grape plantations is stored.
Santa Carolina is literally within the city. You can visit its ancient cellars and learn how wine is produced and stored. As for Concha y Toro in Pirque, you will reach one of the largest vineyards in national and Latin America, one of its flagship brands the Casillero del Diablo wines. On your visit you will learn the legend of which comes this name, visit its cellars, taste and buy wine.
One of the most beautiful vineyards is to Tarapaca, he noted for its ancient noble house and has been ranked among the best vineyards of Chile.
Finally, the Santa Rita vineyard stands out for its huge mansion Neapolitan style, well-preserved old town and park, boutique hotel, restaurant and a collection of pre-Columbian art. Specialized tours.

Walking in downtown Santiago de Chile

The best way to get around this sector is getting lost in the pedestrian streets or its many galleries that cross elderly buildings that are full of different kinds of shops to suit all tastes. For all. It is best to get to the metro station  Chile Universsity to the Plaza de Armas station and walk. If you go for the latter you will come across buildings like the de Correos of Chile, the Municipality of Santiago, the Stock Exchange and the Metropolitan Cathedral that surround the square, the Km 0 of the country.
From north to south, a pedestrian street called Paseo Ahumada, who for four blocks shows large business houses, restaurants and music stores open. It is the backbone of the center and for her cross arteries leading to important points of real interest. Down the street Company, located where the street Ahumada starts and ends the Plaza de Armas, are the buildings of former Congress and at the front, the Palace of Courts. The next block is the Paseo Orphans, also pedestrian, that eastward and become street car, comes to Santa Lucia Hill, referential point of the Spanish conquest, with old towers and cannons. You bordering the hill to the north, you will reach the beautiful building of the Museum of Fine Arts, symbol of the celebrations of the centenary of national independence, which houses important collections of Chilean art and other countries. Very good temporary exhibitions.
Augustinian street corner of San Antonio, is the Teatro Municipal in Santiago, while down the street two blocks west Moneda Palacio de la Moneda, the seat of executive power, the Constitution Square, stands with statues of figures emblematic of the national republican history, and the Cultural Center La Moneda, underground beneath the plaza, exceptional architecture, with permanent exhibitions of high quality.
You wandered aimlessly center find important churches such as La Merced, the Church of the Company of Santo Domingo and the Augustinian, all of great historical and architectural value.
On the main street of Santiago, Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Avenue, known as the “Alameda”, is the Church of San Francisco, colonial, classic postcard of Santiago. It houses an excellent collection of Andean colonial art.
To the west, and away from the center, will surprise you in the neighborhoods Republic, full of college students, with its mix of old mansions the nineteenth century and modern architecture in the headquarters of the houses of study. To the north, the Barrio Concha y Toro, a few blocks with stately buildings circular.

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