Optimism in Patagonia in winter Holidays

The Secretaries of Tourism of Bariloche, San Martin de los Andes and Villa La Angostura stressed the importance of incorporating new Brazilian destinations on routes of Aerolineas Argentinas.

Bariloche flightsIn this context, the Secretary of Tourism of Bariloche, Fabian Szewczuk, said the AA flight to Belo Horizonte, formally launched last night in the Brazilian city, “It is a highly anticipated flight, the public has always been very prominent in San Pablo and Rio de Janeiro, and this really reinforces the market.”

“We have almost a direct connection from Ezeiza that fly to Bariloche and it is a market that we are supporting from promotional full of expectation,” he said, explaining that today the Brazilian market falls by 20 percent among tourists in season, with nearly 40 thousand Brazilians arrived during the past winter, but its presence is also relevant for the rest of the year.

“The implementation of these regular flights brings us the possibility of Brazilians at other times of year when charters do not work. Today the destinations are mainly pointing out the seasonality and maintain occupancy averages throughout the year to keep the jobs, lower rates in high season to average better than private business throughout the year “he said.
Meanwhile, Salvador Vellido, Secretary of Tourism of San Martin de los Andes, said the flight to Belo Horizonte “allows us to get a little closer to Brazil than they already are.”
“San Martin still working hard to capture the Brazilian tourism which is based in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and going a little further north is very good for a small tourist destination in its size,” he added in that regard.
He also assured that the expected growth for the next five years is to reach 35 percent of the Brazilian passenger numbers within all visitors to San Martin de los Andes, now around 15 percent.
Legend Marcelo Garcia, secretary of tourism in Villa La Angostura, said that “the flights have a positive influence, especially for snow destinations, for a market that incorporates more and more people into the middle class as the Brazilian”.
“A flight to take you from one destination from which until now you needed at least two scales and then the connection to happen now to have a daily flight that can connect from Ezeiza is very positive,” said the official of the town in Neuquén.

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