Festival of Chocolate in Bariloche

Bariloche Chocolate

The 2014 edition of the Festival of Chocolate in Bariloche, will take place during Easter and expected count again with the completion of a huge egg, on which last year had more than 8 feet high and 5 cm in diameter and was armed by expert chocolatiers in one of the access roads to the Civic Center. Furthermore , it is assumed the giant chocolate bar that measured 120 meters long , with forty centimeters thick made.

The party also often features musical performances on the national stage specially prepared for the event. In addition, the signature event of wood sculptors , artists with chainsaws , chisels, gouges and other tools made ​​public sculptures from huge logs .

As always , there will be various activities and games that will tend to the relationship between tourists and the local public, whose prizes are always chocolate and a close with fireworks. While there is still no confirmation regarding the program , consulted about page Official Tourism advance the precise date to develop like every year for the next Easter.

The Ministries of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Municipality of San Carlos de Bariloche, presented the activities for the 1st National Chocolate Festival 2014 , which takes place from 17 to 20 April in our city . WATCH THE FULL SCHEDULE .

The presentation will be held on Wednesday morning in the Auditorium ” Juan Carlos Cornelius ” from the Ministry of Tourism and attended by the Secretary of Tourism of the Municipality , Fabian Szewczuk ; the secreterio Sports , Roberto Camba Delgado; Culture Secretary , Rubén Fernández ; Secretary of Tourism of the province of Black River , Silvina Arrieta and the head of the Chamber of Chocolatiers of San Carlos de Bariloche, Luis Broger .

It is noteworthy that , although the third edition of the Festival of Chocolate, this is the first in his capacity as National Holiday. The statement was issued days spent in our city.

In this sense , Fabian Sezwczuk mentioned that ” in just three years has achieved the distinction of National Party ; so suddenly we find the 1st National Chocolate Festival . It’s really an honor and a major challenge for both the chocolate and the rest of the entities in place from now on an increasingly important challenge . ”

The holder of the Municipal Tourism Ministry stressed that ” we have our instruction Intendant , Maria Eugenia Martini, to start working with the city council to develop the ordinance under the new Permanent Organizing Committee of this party. A similar having the Snow Festival format and why not , and start thinking for next to yearn to have a National Chocolate Queen of year. ”

Timeline of the 1st National Festival of Chocolate:

Thursday 17

17 to 18hrs : The Chocolate Bar in the world’s longest street Mitre. Distribution of chocolate to present.

20:30 : ” Southern Mass ” Edgardo Lanfré Rodrigo Dalziel and corals with the Youth Choir at the Municipal Library Sarmiento .


Friday 18

17 to 21h : Local Artists : ” Cultural Power Plants ” – ” Side Funk” – “Friday the Pope.”

21 to 22:30 am: Guest Band ” La Bersuit ” .


Saturday 19 :

15 to 19:30 am: Local Artists : Fashion Design and Fashion Eco Southern Bariloche . ” Murga and Comparsa ” – ” Mandale Cumbia ” – ” Green Reggae” .

19:30 to 20:30 pm: Band guest support “Reggae South ” ; federal competition winner Wonderful Music .

21 to 22:30 am: Guest Band ” Los Cafres ” .

22:30, ” Fireworks .”


Sunday 20

10HS : Break Easter Egg World ‘s Largest . Distribution of chocolate to present.

11:30 15hs : Draws – Solidarity Easter eggs delivered to Institutions . Local artist : ” Your Mambo” .

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