Bariloche party chocolate at Easter 2016

San Carlos de Bariloche add flavor, surprises and many attractions at the celebration of Holy Week: over several days is held the Chocolate Festival in Bariloche and all dresses in this delicacy almost addictive.
San Carlos de Bariloche is famous for producing the purest and artisan confectioners thanks to their teachers and recipes that have chocolates. The first editions of the Chocolate Festival surprised with brilliant ideas that will continue to expand in coming years. Its implementation is linked to the recovery of the city after the ashes of the Puyehue volcano left their mark.
The Civic Center becomes the epicenter of the celebrations and traditional Easter egg over 8 meters high by 5 diameter is located in a strategic place. Made by famous chocolatiers, this work of art is first and consumed later observed among those present, resulting cacophony.
On Easter Sunday morning culminates this experience when, after a countdown sung by the whole audience gathered in the square, we proceed to break the egg. Papelitos, music, balloons and much joy accompanying the time and children are the ones who enjoy it. In the 2016 edition the giant egg is replaced by the so-called Solidarity Easter surprise activities.
But that’s not all, since the days other clever attention-grabbing attractions. Mitre on the street, in an area of ​​almost two blocks chocolate bar longest in the world, which is also distributed among those present weapon. At the same time, during the weekend take place the National Wood Sculptors Exhibition and Easter tables from different countries.
On the biggest stage, local artists and guests enliven with tango, folklore and modern rhythms until late at night. The grand finale is on Sunday after 23 hours, when the barilochense sky is lit with fireworks and magic of colors goodbye party and guests.
Walking through the downtown streets known means impregnated with aromas of chocolate in all its forms. Chocolatiers of the main arteries pay special attention to their windows and promotions and every visitor returns home with that tidbit in the bags. Bariloche usually offers an infinite variety of sweets of cocoa, but at Easter and during the celebration … chocolate goes out.

Chocolatiers in Bariloche

If you travel to Bariloche, the first gift that your friends ask you is chocolate. absolute symbol of local gastronomy, chocolate barilochense is distinguished as one of the finest in the world with a long history of tradition and evolution that combines the old European recipes with unique innovations developed in the city.
Since 1947 the Fenoglio family, chocolatiers Italy, installed the first chocolate factory in San Carlos de Bariloche, this sweet has emerged as one of the typical products of the region thanks to the energy offered in climates ice the mountain and delicious variants has adopted. There are many chocolate shops that have opened since then offering visitors the most delicious memories of his visit to the city.
Impossible to stay in Bariloche without being tempted by the various chocolatiers in town. Each offers its original range of handmade creations, including all kinds of chocolates (in branch, chocolates with nuts …) and other exquisite Patagonian sweetness.
The temples of chocolate in Bariloche.

With production at low purely artisanal scale, Benroth is defined as “gourmet chocolate”, offering innovative elaborations with the finest raw materials. The variety of products includes tablets, filled chocolates with and without liquor, chocolates with dried fruits, chocolates, snacks, candies and alfajores. Benroth has two outlets in Bariloche: the factory in Beschtedt 569 and the local Mitre 150.

The traditional doll image is the identity of this important chocolatier, whose local cornerback between Mitre and Rolando streets is an emblem of the city walks. In this quaint shop you can find unimaginable creations from Chocolate: Stuffed almond mousse with typical sweet milk, cream liqueurs, cerisette with cherry liqueur … other sweet products such as candied dates are also available, the lemon mousse and the homemade marzipan with amaretto. Chocolate candies in box or tin (including custom handmade boxes), children’s candies, tablets, candies and chocolate sticks unmatched complete the vast Mamuschka proposal.

El turista
Straight from the Alps arrive chocolateras traditions of the tourist, from the hand of his teacher born in the Italian Tyrol, Benito Cecco. What at the beginning was a small family business is today the largest chocolate factories in Bariloche, with a huge production plant where no less than four tons of chocolate, partly intended for export are made.
In total, more than 200 varieties offered in the stores Truista, all made entirely in the factory, including coverage. These products are classics raw chocolate, truffles, chocolates, fondue and chocolate cup, you can find in stores Av. San Martin 252 and Mitre 239. There are also commercial modules in many cities of the country .

Rapa Nui
More than a chocolatier, Rapa Nui is a great shop where typical taste all kinds of delicacies, with a space to sit and enjoy them. The restaurant is located in Mitre 202 and presents an irresistible display of classic and innovative chocolates and desserts, ice cream and even salty handicrafts. Several decades of family tradition in the art confectioner ensure chocolates town of Rapa Nui and all its elaborations.

Frantom is distinguished by using natural raw materials quality without added chemicals or margarine. In its factory Av. Costanera and Panozzi can be seen live production of various kinds of chocolates, as well as acquiring exquisite products. Frantom also has a local captive in Mitre 183 Street.

Fenoglio has the distinction of being the first chocolatier of Bariloche, founder of the mythical tradition. Its products of exquisite quality target all the senses and can be found in four outlets in Bariloche: Local 31 shopping Las Terrazas, Local 11 Complex Square Amancay (both open only in season), store Mitre 76 and the great establishment of Avenida Bustillo km 1200, which also housed the didactic Chocolate Museum, Fenoglio contribute to the spread of local and international history this sweet.

Tante Frida
Although it opened in 1995, the tradition of Tante Frida dates back to a century ago, with the arrival of Swiss immigrants to the call Colonia Suiza. There is a culture of chocolate filled with delicate concoctions was developed, which arrives today to the local installed in Mitre 660. dipped fruits, diet chocolates for diabetics and accompaniments hazelnut, creams and other treats are some of the products you can find in Tante Frida , along with a wide confectionery where chocolate or cappuccino drink with the best pastries.

Abuela Goye
The enchanting theme Grandma Goye involve local visitors with a taste of chocolate sticks, tablets and stuffed fruit snacks. desserts, cakes, jams, sandwich cookies, ice cream liqueurs and handicraft production are also sold, all according to the recipes of the founding families of the Swiss Colony. The Goye brothers were, in fact, the first inhabitants. The merger between European and Patagonian tradition is the hallmark of the company. Grandmother stores Goye in Bariloche are four: Mitre 258, Quaglia 219, Av Bustillo km 15.5 and Cerro Catedral.

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