Visit the city of tulips in the Patagonia Argentina

In the month of October the city of Trevelin is dressed in colors when the tulips bloom. The cultivation of the same has become a great tourist attraction for the locality that every year summons more tourists tasteful to appreciate the beautiful tulips.
In spring, visit the tulip fields already give color to the Chubut mountain range. Its flowers and aromas attract countless tourists every year during the month of October.
Since 1997 tulip bulbs have been grown in Trevelin from the initiative of a local producer who decided to bet on this type of non-traditional entrepreneurship in the region. Due to favorable weather and soil conditions, the results were very encouraging from the outset. The city currently exports tulips to the world and much of it is destined for Holland.
At the beginning of May the bulbs are sown and during the month of October the plants complete their flowering, providing a unique show that fills the valley with colors. They can be appreciated preferentially in the second half of the month, which is why they are associated with the celebration of Mother’s Day.
After flowering, the flowers are cut so that the plant concentrates its growth in the bulb. These are harvested, classified by size and variety, undergo a severe phytosanitary process and are able to be packaged for commercialization in the national and international flower market.

When you reach the cultivated farm, an impact is generated that astonishes every spectator, it is like seeing the passage from the palette of a painter to a world of colors that give life to a landscape picture. Located on the outskirts of the town of Trevelin, on route 259, this beautiful place of production is located 43 kilometers from Esquel, in the province of Chubut.

The journey of tulip cultivation, a flower that represents elegance and distinction, has its beginning every year in May, when planting begins, in October, these southern postal magics bloom and generate, and finally in January the Bulbs that are then distributed to the Argentine market, mainly Buenos Aires.

The seeds that give rise to these tulips are from Holland, the world’s largest producer and exporter of flowers, one of the leading countries in floriculture. “In our farm we have 27 varieties of tulips that give a colorful frame to the Patagonian landscape, red, yellow, white, violet, double flower, among many others, but the black flower tulip is one of the distinctive features of our production “Says Juan Carlos Ledesma, owner of the farm.

The field of tulips is open all the month of October, when it is bloomed, and can be visited from 8 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. By all those interested in knowing the techniques of floriculture on the tulip, or simply to recognize the place, to walk the delimited paths and to take photos of a unique moment that is registered only once a year. Visits are flexible, can last from 15 minutes to full day, depending on visitor interest, and are guided by specialists in the field.

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