The cuisine of Mendoza, Patagonia Argentina

MendozaThe cuisine of Mendoza is the result of a fusion of traditions presents the influence of great cultures such as Spanish, Italian and Creole. Many meals are prepared with meat which can be accompanied with delicious salads and cheeses, while other dishes are prepared with seafood like salmon and trout. There are certain tours to Mendoza from Buenos Aires that includes the possibility of trying this dishes. Among the most representative dishes of the province highlights the seasoned legs (delicious veal baked served with chimichurri sauce, cream cheese and tartar sauce), the tenderloin (delicious sandwiches of beef, pork and chicken) the meat to the pot (made with beef and white wine cooked in iron pot) and humita in chala. Other popular local dishes are the soup (made from corn and beans, pig’s feet and other ingredients) and traditional breaded fried or baked stuffed with different stews including beef, picadillo with olives and hard boiled egg. A very typical food of Mendoza is the famous tomaticán which is made with cherry tomatoes organically grown type whose taste is sweet and fragrant. Also very delicious mendocinas consumed either spiced olives stuffed with almonds, sardines or roquefort cheese. As for sweets can be mentioned tablets alcayota Mendoza, also known as white pumpkin, which can be prepared with fruits such as grapes, apples, peaches, pears, cherries, melons and watermelons. Sweet bread and quince syrup prepared with carob, fig or tuna that can be served with goat cheese. In Mendoza you can enjoy these and many other delicious meals, you will find a variety of restaurants offering excellent service and a varied menu. In Mendoza there are restaurants for all tastes from elegant and expensive sites specialties of international cuisine, to others that are characterized by economic and family. Some of the most recommended for its excellent service and varied menu are:

Mun – Casarena Winery & Vineyards

This restaurant is luxurious and elegant has a very friendly atmosphere that is perfect for those who want to share a lovely dinner with family or friends. He specializes in Asian fusion cuisine – Argentina, every Saturday at 21 am, Chef Mun presents a menu of 5 steps, sushi and cuisine from Japan, Korea, China and Argentina. All dishes are served with exquisite wines from Bodega Casarena.

Ituzaingo Resto

Ituzaingo Resto is one of the best in Mendoza, receives rave reviews by people who visited him. It features a romantic and elegant atmosphere that is ideal for sharing lovely dinner. His specialties include regional dishes, all meals are prepared by an expert professional chef.

Restaurant Guest House

The restaurant Guest House opened in 2002 and is located in the vineyards has Familia Zuccardi in Maipu, Mendoza. The property has a capacity of 80 seats and also functions as a tea room. It was designed to create a warm atmosphere for visitors offering a magnificent landscape of the vineyards of the mountain. In this elegant and charming restaurant you can enjoy two types of menus: Regional and tasting. The first combines traditional dishes with different varietal wines and oils produced by the Zuccardi family. The second is a 6-step menu that changes with each season, using local produce for each season.

Lo de Fer

Lo de Fer is a restaurant with friendly and family atmosphere, stands out for its warm and friendly customer service. He specializes in eclectic cuisine, weekly changes its proposals offering delicious regional and international cuisine menu.


This restaurant is known for its charming old warehouse environment surrounded by delicacies and spices. Provides kitchen designed to accompany the wine, with flavors and aromas of Chef Paul Ranea author. Their food is imaginative, fresh, relaxed and eclectic.

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