Whales arrived in Puerto Madryn Atlantic Patagonia

whale000A few days ago we announced the first whale that was about to arrive in Puerto Madryn. Today we can say that arrived en masse and we can see everywhere the whales in the coast of Puerto Madryn.
This is the Franca Austral whale, which comes to play, to have their pups or destetaras. And others come to become adults.
It is expected to start arriving thousands of tourists to the city to watch them. Depending on what you like or prefer, there are several way to admire power. The most common is from the coast of El Doradillo, where there is a spring that is accessible. And but for the more adventurous, there are the boats that bring you to the whale.
The pre-launch season Avistajes in Peninsula Valdes, free lasballenas weeks are becoming more numerous in the 2 gulfs that form the Peninsula. Daily increase in the number of individuals of that species in Puerto Madryn and the entire coast to Puerto Pyramids is increasing.
Autumn is installed increasingly convinced whales and enjoy the peace of this paradise. While the concentration of animals is very large in general, the highest density of whales per square kilometer undoubtedly is in the Protected Natural Area The Doradillo that between May and July the highest accolade leads the world in number of whales .
In this area and time of year, a few meters from where the seawater is supported by the beach, you can see a unique concentration of whales, all mothers with young, that to the human eye that experience for the first or millionth time is a difficult situation to compare and leaving the most insensitive entranced and speechless. In one of the most sensitive and magical cycles of their existence, these marine giants, approaching land. Making accessible to those who come to the Doradillo, to be witnesses, thermal, matte and bills involved, master classes of harmony. Daily lessons as educate with motherly love and infinite patience to the calves, giving breastfeeding and helping to perfect the maneuver to breathe air out, among other basic survival patterns are moving. Uses and customs that right whales are transmitted from generation to generation since the beginning of time. The beginning of the protected area is determined by the coastal landform known for Punta Arcoque is situated about 20 km from the city of Puerto Madryn. Encompasses a parallel to the coast 3 km wide area and about 25Km long passing Punta Ameghino, known for its seal colony and arriving at Punta Prismatic, which closes the coastal circuit of the provincial route No. 42, it occupies a total area of 7,500 hectares .
Of course “the whale” is the great attraction of this nature reserve but it is not alone. Flora and fauna living in the steppe plants for who passes by this semi-desert area flown, fails to register the enormous biodiversity that exists. However, low shrub vegetation predominates, with over 15 different species of plants predominant choose this salty land to live. There are dozens of species of birds that live in the region and also small animals such as skunks, the armadillo and the boy cuis.

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